Importance of women

Yes, it is the last day of women’s month but that does not mean that after today women are to be treated badly or abused or looked down on. No! Women play a very important role in our families and in our daily lives. Firstly they are the ones who bare all the pains during […]


Firstly, what is the meaning of patience? Patience is the ability to wait, or continue doing something despite the difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed. This is one of the elements which are important for one to become a success in what they are planning to achieve. This skill is so important […]


Take a look at yourself and see if you do have time for yourself.  Do you have some “me” time? Do you have time to look intently at whatever thing you are doing? Do you have time to look at your system or process if whether is it working or not?  Many people are so […]

This is it

This is where it all starts. You cannot keep on planning and not implementing your plans. We all have dreams and wishes. it takes courage and desire to make the first step into your dreams. Many have abandoned their dreams and wasted their Godly given talents because of fear and because of not knowing when […]