How to manage stress?

This week I’ll be sharing one of the important information I read on a book which I think it will definitely help all of us in managing our stresses. The problem that many do have is that they fail to admit that they sometimes do get stressed. I mean, it is normal to get stress […]

Start to be grateful forever

It is indeed another week and all thanks to our God for keeping us  alive. We’ll look into another element this week that makes people to remain happy even when things are not in their favor. That is being grateful my friend. Yes, this is the element that comes with understanding. Lack of understanding will […]

What if you fail?

This week we are going to look at one element that stop people from doing what they are destined to do. I am talking about the ‘what if’ parts here. You know, there are people who have great goals and great plans but they are doing nothing about them. Their goals and plans only exist […]

Why must you have principles?

This week we’ll be focusing on one of the important tool for personal development. Others may not understand that it is these tiny tools that develop a person and transform that particular person into an extraordinary person. Yes tiny tools. Tiny tools my friend. You add one by one not all at once. You will […]