It is time to refine your goals

At this point in time, if we have been together in my weekly motivations I believe you have your plan and goals in place for 2016. Now is time to start to refine them. What is refining and why is important? To refine is to make something pure or improve something, especially by removing unwanted […]

Two things that need no break this festive season

When festive season approaches, there are many things we put on hold just for that season. It is one of the busiest seasons on the entire planet earth. But I want us to look at two things which must not be put on hold even on these busiest days.   The first thing that must […]

Do not over spend this festive season

Do not over spend this festive season. This week we are talking about festive season. It is no longer around the corner. It is here with us. One thing that is surprising with this season is that in most cases people spend too much that they have and end up spending money they don’t have. Yes, […]

Do you see where you heading?

  Do you see where you heading? This week we are focusing on the direction of your travel. Now, when you start a journey you start it with a mission i.e. you want to get somewhere, you are heading somewhere. Should you be heading some place which is not in line with your mission, the […]

Run your race

I believe everyone would agree with me if I can say that we all have goals. I also believe that most of our goals are different even though some might be the same but our target in reaching them is different. Therefore, this week I want us to look into one principle that is very […]