Are you ready for the marathon?

  In less than four days we’ll be celebrating the beginning of 2016. The big question here is are you ready for that 2016? Are you ready to run your own race? Are you ready for executing your plans? Have you done much refinement to your plans? Get ready my friend because once the marathon […]


The year is coming to an end and the festive season is getting busier and busier. It is during this time that discipline must be at its peak. Why am I bringing this to our attention this week? There is a lot of things happeing within a very short period of time in this season. […]

Do you know your January needs?

It may sounds irrelevant but this is very important for you. It is of surprise to me that we still have people who say that January is a month of poverty or hunger. You know, they have cursed this beautiful month of God. This week I want us to look into January before we get […]

Work on your circle

As the festive season gets busy, you must have a lot of fun while working on your circle. Which circle am I talking about here? I am talking about the people you associate yourself with. Yes, you need to plan in order to know who is worth taking into 2016 with and who is worth […]