How do you handle criticism?

Criticism is everywhere. You can find it in families, working environment, relationships, gangs and etc. even in churches. It is just everywhere and we all get criticized ones in a while. So, how do you handle it? How do you respond to it? Before we can even go further, let us look at the meaning […]

Three people you must not mingle with

As someone who has a dream and who has goals to fulfill I believe it is of great importance that we take a look into this topic. This week we are looking into people we must not mingle with for they will delay us from our destination. There are a number of things that a […]

How important is honesty?

It is indeed another week and all thanks to the One above for protecting and keeping us alive. This week we are going to look at honesty. I think we need to understand the importance of this element in our lives. First of all let us look at the defination of honesty. Honesty refers to […]

Start implementing your 2016 goals

This is the moment we have all been waiting for. We have done a lot of thinking, planning, refining and refining about 2016 in 2015. I believe if we have been together in our weekly motivations, then we are very ready for this 2016. Stop procrastinating and implement your goals. Maybe you are doubting about […]