Three things should not be a problem to you now

My friend, we have been talking about personal development for some months now and I think it is time for us to ask ourselves if we are really getting personally developed or these weekly motivations do not add value at all. When the year began we had resolutions for this year and I am sure […]

Do not quit

We have made it through to another week and all thanks to our Lord for protecting us and keeping us alive. This week I want us to remind one other of not quitting on our goals or journeys that we have started. Allow me to say that it is not all the time that things […]

Are you too busy and less productive?

It is another week my friend and we continue to do the things that add value in our lives and ask ourselves questions that will make us to improve and do better. This week I want us to look at our daily schedule. Are you very very busy throughout the day but less productive? What […]

Challenge yourself

Let us first give thanks to the Almighty for having made it up until to this far. This week I want us to talk about challenging yourself. Being in a competition with yourself. Set high goals for yourself and fight for them my friend. I want you to know that there is what we call […]

How is your 2016 progress?

The time never stops, it keeps on going. Soon 2016 will be a history. This week I want us to take a look at our progress. Remember we made resolutions for this year and I am sure we had planned to be somewhere with our goals by now. How far are you? Do you still […]