Observe yourself

This week I want us to learn a skill that will transform our lives, observing ourselves. In most cases we, humans become so busy that we do not have time to take ourselves out of our characters or our positions and observe ourselves. We are so busy that we turn to think that we are […]

How do you maintain what you have?

This week I want us to look at the maintenance of everything we have. In simply terms, to maintain is to keep in existence or continuance, preserving and retaining. As human beings we do achieve some of the goals and God does give us what we ask from Him. Perhaps your goal was to buy […]

What is your sole need?

Firstly let us give thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to see another day. This week I want us to look at our needs. Our sole needs. The things that you need with all your heart. I am talking about the things you’ll put up everything for it. The things you’ll even die for […]

Financial investment

We are still learning about personal development and this week I want us to learn about financial investments. First of all what are these financial investments and why are they important to us that we have to talk about them this week? Financial investment is an asset that you put money into with the hope […]