Are you practising what you preach?

It is surprising how one will want others to practice something which they themselves are not ready or willing to practice. This week my friend we will be talking about practicing what we tell others to practice. Before we can go any further, allow me to thank our Lord for giving us the opportunity to […]

Are you a good listener?

We’ve made it to another week and this week we’ll be talking about listening. This is a very important life skill. This skill is very much important for personal development. In our daily conversation and communications we need this skill for meaningful interactions. A listening skill helps you to pay attention and to understand someone […]

Set boundaries

God has blessed us with another day and all thanks to Him for protecting and keeping us alive. This week I want us to look at setting of personal boundaries. Most of the time people get hurt by their friends or other people who cross certain lines in their lives and others get hurt when […]