Do not settle for anything that comes your way

We are still on personal development and I would also like to send a special thank you to all the followers and supporters for whatever information I am sharing on my blog. Allow me to give thanks to the Lord for having kept us alive up until this far. Indeed He is worthy of praise. […]

How welcome is your presence?

We are taking our personal development to another level. Before we can even go further, let us give thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to see this day and not because of our works but because of his grace. This week are looking at your presence in peoples lives or in their daily activities. […]

You are too late for quitting

It is indeed another week and all thanks to the father above for blessing us with another day. This week we are going to look whatever thing that we have started in our lives. Be it in our personal lives or professional level, you need to know that it is too late to pull off […]

How important is your tone of voice/communication?

As usually, I would like to thank God for blessing us with an opportunity to see another day. This week my friend we will be looking at the tone of our voice when we communicate to other people. Firstly, what is a tone of communication? This is a quality of a person’s voice. The quality […]