How do you handle an argument?

First of all I would like us to define the word argument. According to my dictionary, in simply terms, argument is a disagreement or a process of disagreeing. So, why do I want us to talk about this? When too learn how to disagree, how to continue to disagree and when to withdraw from a […]

Do you still believe in your goals?

We have made it into week 35 of 2016. Let us give glory to our Lord for such a wonderful blessing. He is indeed a great God. This week I have a question for you. You know, as I am talking to you now, the clock is ticking and soon the day will be over. […]

Great women out there: Keep up the good work

We are still blessed with an opportunity to see another day and not because of our works but because of His mercy. Glory to our father above. This week’s topic is more about giving thanks to all wonderful women in this planet earth. In South Africa, August is a women’s month and I see it […]


This week we are talking about habits. Allow me to give thnks to our Lord for His wonderful mercy, we are still alive today all because of Him. So before we can go further into habits. What exactly is a habit? Habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard […]