Make time for your family

Well, its indeed another week and this week I want us to talk about making time to spend with your family. It is the festive season and this is one of the busiest seasons in the entire world. So we need to remind one another to make our families a priority. Before we can go […]

Embrace your seasons

We have made it into another week and all thanks to our Lord for His protection. This week we talking about seasons. As human beings we go through different seasons in our lives and it is very important for us to learn to embrace all our seasons. Allow me to tell you that some seasons […]

Plan your festive season

It is a new day and a new week and our days are getting busy and busy because of festive season. This week I want us to focus on our plans for this festive season. There is so much that happens during this season and without a proper plan, come 2017 we’ll be filled with […]

There is still so much you can do in 2016

Did you know that we are only left with seven weeks before the end of 2016? Well, if you didn’t know, now you know. Yes the year is almost over but I want us to take a look at our dreams and goals which we made for this year because there is still so much […]