Step into 2017 with a new gear

We have made it through the Christmas and we are now looking forward into our new year’s eve. It is through God’s mercy that we made thid far and we should give thanks for that. While we are patiently waiting into stepping in 2017, this week I want us to focus on arming ourselves with […]

Plan and be ready for tomorrow

Thank you for following and supportive on our weekly motivation. This week I want us to talk about our tomorrows. Any day that we spend we should be thankful for that and we should also plan and be ready for the following day. Before we can continue on this week’s topic, allow me to give […]

Be grateful of what you have

This week I want us to talk about being grateful. Too many of us are so focused on what we want that we take for granted what we have. It is through appreciation of the small things we have that we can be blessed with more things or desires. Before we can go further, allow […]

Do not lose yourself this festive season

Well, my friend its that time of the week and all thanks to our Lord for His mercy and blessing to see this day. This week I want us to focus more on the festive season. I want to raise matters that will help all of us if we can apply them positively in our […]