What you focus on is magnified

This week I would like us to talk about focus. Focus is defined as the main or central point of something, especially of attention or interest. Before we can go further into this week’s topic, I want us to give thanks to the Lord for blessing us with an opportunity to see this day and […]

How to bond with your goals

A recent study has shown that 80% of people never set goals for themselves and only about 20% of the people do set goals for themselves. The study further stated that 70% of the 20% do not achieve their goals. So why is this? Why do we have a huge number of people who fail […]

How to replace bad habits

God has blessed us with an opportunity to see another day and all glory to Him. This week I want us to look into bad habits. Apparently bad habits have a huge negative impact in our lives and they also affect our goals. Before we go further, I would like us go get a meaning […]